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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chain Tensioners

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chain Alignment

Fortunately, your local bike shop can supply you with a freewheel spacer to move the chain outwards at the rear gear which will align the chain with the front gear. In this case only one spacer was needed to align the chain. Apply grease to both sides of the spacer and place it on the hub face in center. Afterwards, install the freewheel, set up the chain and ride much safer.

Chain Alignment

This particular frame sets up the bottom bracket bearings wide, creating an offset of the chain. The chain at the front gear was moved outwards to the right of the rear gear during initial set up. In addition, I needed to use one of the smallest spindle spacers to prevent the front gear from touching the bearing cup creating even more of a misalignment of the chain between the front and rear gears.

Chain Alignment

Chain alignment is real important if you believe you will need your teeth in the future. A chain that is not lined up with the both the front and rear gears may seem OK at a glance and appear harmless. However, in the long run a chain that is off a touch to the left or right will wear gears prematurely, create tight spots and eventually cause the chain to fall off or break.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pedal Tip

If you ever want to get your pedals off without a pipe extension, grease the threads. Pedal removal just became real easy.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

3 Piece Crank Install 6

Grease the threads of the second spindle bolt and tighten the second crank arm in place. After the arm is secure remove the spindle bolt and check to make sure there is a small gap between the spindle bolt washer and the spindle face. If there is not a gap the spindle bolt will bottom against the spindle and the crank arms will not securely tighten and your cranks will become damaged.

3 Piece Crank Install 5

Push the chain wheel bolt towards the chain wheel in the same direction you apply force to the crank arm when pedaling. After the chain wheel bolt is resting against the chain wheel tighten it with your allen key. Doing this before you tighten the spindle bolts will prevent any slipping at this interface during your first few cranks and makes sure the chain wheel bolt is seated properly.

3 Piece Crank Install 4

Add a spacer to the non drive side and hold the crank arm over the spindle and check for frame clearance, add more spacers if needed. Apply anti-seize to the spindle and push the arm onto the spindle as much as you can by hand.

3 Piece Crank Install 3

Check to make sure the crank arm clears the frame. Add more spacers between the bearing and the sprocket if needed. If you add spacers check your chain alignment. If the amount of spacers you have added to the spindle push the chain too far out you can add a spacer in between your freewheel and hub or your cog if you run a cassette.

3 Piece Crank Install 2

Slide your chain wheel on the spindle and finger tighten the greased chain wheel bolt into the bolt boss. Grease the spindle and slide it into the bottom bracket with the correct spacers outboard of the bearing.